DESIGN: Sou Fujimoto Designs Stunning High-Rise That Resembles a White Tree

Piercing the skyline and sprouting branch-like balconies, an apartment block resembling a giant tree is set to come to life in Montpellier, France.

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I write. The longer I live, the more convinced I’ve become that I cultivate my truest self in this one way.
Tom Chiarella


Bruges, Belgium (by nasone)



my question is if men are unable to control themselves in the presence of women why the hell are they allowed to control entire nations

*mic drop*

I am a bastard girl now. Alayne Stone has no claim.


Some people have these like fandom specific blogs and then there’s me:




This is not a fucking joke.

College Pro tip number one.

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Everything you want is coming. Relax and let the universe pick up the timing and the way. You just need to trust that what you want is coming, and watch how fast it comes.
Abraham Hicks